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Cover Letter Writing Techniques.

Do you thing it is difficult to write a cover letter? no way !just read this article and become an expert at writing a cover latter and send it with your resume

Cover letter is usually attached with Resume to illustrate some details and your interest in particular job.Your cover letter may make difference between getting chance of interview and having your resume rejected.
In this letter You mention that how you are eligible for this job and from where you come to know about this job. You write you experience and summarize  how your qualification matches the job applied for  and how you can use your skills in the favor of company or organization that is offering job.
You also mention why you are applying for this job and why you are preferring this organization. CV is a formal way but in cover latter you give personal touch in order to inspire the Manager. Most employer give more attention to your CV if it is attached with a Cover letter.

A General Survey about Cover Letter.

 A survey in US employer reveals facts about cover letter as following .
  • 42.9% wanted candidates to submit a cover letter for each position.  
  • 29.8% felt that they were not important ("I don't have the time to read them anyway")
  •  27.4% had no preference 

What should be the length of your Cover letter? 

In the same survey above it is found that:
  • 19% of employers preferred a full page
  • 46% preferred half a page
  •  11% had no preference
  •  24% felt the shorter the better!
  • Tip:Your Cover Letter should not be long more then one page,four  paragraphs are enough,if it exceeds it mean you are writing essay instead of cover letter!

The advantages of a well-written Cover Letter.

  • It conveys a very good first impression.
  • It may stop your mail from being binned or deleted.
  • It demonstrates your intention in a succinct manner.
  • Its size and quality reflects upon the sender.
  • It shows that the sender has not mailed flippantly.

Types of Cover letter

  1. Application Letter (which responds to a known job)
  2. Prospecting Letter(Which inquires about Possible positions)
  3. Networking Letter(Which requests information and assistance in you job search)
Which ever the letter type is you should specifically write your letter and elaborate your skills according to the particular job so don't copy!

Cover Latter Format

  • Contact Section.

    When You are writing cover letter the first section of cover latter should include your contact information on how employer can contact your.If you know the employer contact information write it otherwise leave it.

    Your contact information.

    City, State, Zip Code


    Employer Contact information.(if you have)

    City,State,Zip Code

    What if you send an email cover letter? when you are sending cover latter through email then include your contact information in you email signature (bottom)

    Email Signature.

    Name last Name
    Linked in Profile (Optional)
  • Salutation Section

    It is considered important to include salutation at the beginning of your cover latter so don't miss it!
    if you have a contact person name then chose one of the following salutation...

    Salutation Example(If you know Name) 

    Dear Mr. Last Name
    Dear Mr. Jone
    Dear Ms. Haven
    Dear Dr. Mark
    Dear Mr. M Shahid Yousaf

    Many organization do not publish the name of the person to contact ,in this case either leave the salutation or adopt one of the following way..

    Salutation Example(If You don' know the name)

    Dear hiring Manager 
    Dear Human Resources Manager
    Dear Sir or Madam

    Tip:After including salutation following by a colon give a space(enter) and start you first paragraph like following...
                   Dear M.r Marks:                                                                                                (Space)                                                                                                                First line of your first paragraph...
  •  Body Section 

    The body of the letter is the main part of your covering letter, It should be clear,precise and concise.Following is the possible structure of your cover letter ....

     First Paragraph. 

    • state the job you are applying for
    • How you come to about this job..(news paper/Personal reference etc) 

    Second Paragraph.

    • why you are interested in such kind of job...
    • why this company attracts you..

    Third Paragraph .

    • Summarize your strength and experience...
    • Relate your skills with the job requirements...

    Last Paragraph.

    • Mention the dates you would not be available (if any)...  
    • Thank the employer for his time and consideration... 

     Final Closing Section.

    If you start with name (e.g "Dear Smith") you should end with "Yours sincerely " but if you start with Dear Madam or Dear Sir then you should end with "Yours Faithfully"...

    What should be the opening line?

    Here is the preference of the University of Kent Students, You can chose either or write your own..
    • I am writing to apply for the post of .... in your company (5)..
    •  I am final year law student of..... in university of...(2)
    • Currently I am pursing a degree in....at the university of..(1)
    • My name is... and I am final year student at.. (4)
    • My name is... and I am writing in the response of your advertisement.. (2)
    • I am writing to inquire if you have any vacancies...(1)
    Tip: The first one is the best one and the last one is for "Application Covering letter"

    What should not be the opening line?

    Avoid this tone while writing first line of your cover letter!
    • Up until a little while ago I used to compete in British-Eventing competitions on my horse, from which I got a real kick.
    •  Like one of your coffees, I am designed to be opened, savored and enjoyed
    •  Here are my qualifications for you to overlook
    •  If called to interview I would like to discuss the salary, pensions and sickness benefits
    • I am applying for the post of obstacle assistant (for optical assistant post)

    References:http://www.resumesplanet.com, http://careers.theguardian.com,             http://www.wikihow.com
    well that is all about cover letter .Have you still questions in your mind ? don't hesitate, Drop your questions and comments about Covering letter, It will be pleasure for me to serve YOU 

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